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The Comedy Stylings of Google Voice, part 2

Not sure why Google thinks my boss calls me “baby” or “babe” but I can assure you he doesn’t.

Hey Babe, It’s me, just give me a try again. Give me a shout when you get a chance one catch up on the Cumberland’s 9. Interestingabout. Will time greatest just some of the so Give me a call. I’m gonna be here at the 60 minutes before I go in and I meet with withthat. So, I’ll speak to you later. Bye.

Not sure what that was about.

The Comedy Stylings of Google Voice, part 1

Now that I use both an iPhone and an Android phone (one personal, one for work) I’ve come to appreciate the usefulness of Google Voice. It’s a wonderful service, but one of it’s potentially cleverest features, the transcription of voicemail so that it can email you what people said, is also one of it’s funniest. Google Voice, it seems, doesn’t do accents. Particularly Americanized British accents. My boss at CBS Interactive is originally from Macclesfield in the North of England, but has been in the States for 15 years. That combination is something that Google Voice really can’t deal with, and the subsequent voicemail alerts I’ve received have been unintentionally hilarious. Here’s an example.

Hey baby. How you doing. It’s 715 sexual software is anyway. Doug canceled tonight. Just. I’ve told you design. So okay. I believe he’s learned a really good to be this Friday. He’s going to be kind of contract for a couple of weeks that wraps it up. It’s not States. Just because right it okay contactable via spoke. That’s about it so. HeyJoe. Let’s catch up door dot google dot tonight at all. But I, I think the I’m guessing what would be out. But. After Tomorrow. So, if you’d like to be glad to get a chance totalk. Hey, don’t worry about the Yeah.

That was a note informing me that a coworker (Doug) was leaving the company, and would be sticking around for a couple of weeks to wrap things up. Not sure where the familiarity that GV inserted originated.