Some stuff about this guy

John Davison has been writing about videogames for more than 20 years, and writing about himself in the third person for the last five minutes. Starting when he was just 14 years-old, his first published article was about Winter Games for the Atari ST in a little-known Atari magazine called Page 6. If you know the release date of that game, there’s now enough information in this post to work out how old he is.

After working on a variety of weekly and monthly magazines in the UK, he mystifyingly convinced the management at Dennis Publishing to hire him as editor (and later publisher) of the fondly-remembered PC Zone. From there he moved to the U.S. to run Electronic Gaming Monthly, before moving over to the Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine, and ultimately found himself as editorial director of the whole Ziff Davis Media Game Group. After the launch of the company’s gaming website, most people that have heard of Davison probably did so because of the site’s weekly podcast 1UP Yours; a raucous, four-man chat show that helped define the format for videogame podcasts.

In 2007, inspired by the birth of his children, Davison left Ziff Davis Media to start his own company with partner Ira Becker with the intent of creating a colossal and mighty media empire that would demystify kids’ entertainment content for parents. The company’s first launch, What They Play (which unsurprisingly tackled the subject of videogames,) was remarkably successful and attracted a great deal of media attention, including spots on the Today Show and numerous others. Davison and Becker sold the company in 2009 to Fox Interactive where it was integrated into

After a prolonged period of sulking around not knowing what to do with himself next, Davison spent a year at IDG Media where he worked with the team to completely reboot the GamePro brand both in print and online. Subsequently he is the only editor to have run both Electronic Gaming Monthly, and it’s main rival.

In late 2010 Davison moved to CBS Interactive where he now resides as the vice president of programming for both GameSpot and Metacritic.

If you’ve made it this far, and want more regular updates you can follow Davison on Twitter here.

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