Mystery Reader

I didn’t go into the office today. I worked from home so I could be the “Mystery Reader” in my little-guy’s kindergarden class. It was awesome. I had to provide some “clues” for the class before I showed up, so the teacher could test the class to see if they could guess who would be reading to them. Mine were:

  • He likes riding his bike
  • He has a beard
  • He has a younger brother
  • He works in videogames
  • He’s from England

I think the little guy had it pretty much nailed by that fourth clue. It’s quite a giveaway, although it turns out I’m not the only dad in that group with a career in this area.

I read two Mr. Men books to the class, Mr. Topsy-Turvy and Mr. Dizzy – both of which were very well received. Seeing the look on my youngest’s face when I walked into the classroom will be something I’ll remember for a very long time. He looked so excited and happy to see me.

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